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A 1-day Mashup for Fixing Indic issues

A one day session, say starting from 10am to 6pm (or running over).

Anyone with sufficient Indic background and requisite skills to work on activities in agenda.

Venue: Red Hat India, Pune office.

Red Hat Software Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
6th Floor, East Wing,
Marigold premises
Kalyani Nagar
Pune - 411 014
Tel : +91 20 4005 7300
Nearby Adlabs Gold in Kalyani Nagar.

Date&Time: 17th Feb 2008, 10am-5pm

Sponsorship: Venue & Food.


  • Venue should have conf/lab like setup, accomodating 10-15ppl.
  • Internet with wifi.
  • Participants bring own laptops (2-3 machines for ones with no laptop).
  • Participants can also join from remote, through IRC, voice chat.

BoF at Gnunify

Saturday 9th Feb - 5:30-6:30 PM

Proposed agenda

  • Discuss changes (new code points etc) in Unicode for Indic
  • Discuss different rendering behaviour sought out for some new characters or fonts.
  • Updating fonts to confirm to new unicode (ofcourse need to keep backward compatibility - with apps that may not use new standard.. so

old version of fonts used)

  • Updating keymaps, input etc. to accomodate new characters..
  • Fix for once for all the sorting issue which has been long pending
    • take this on per language basis with 1-2 person looking into each language and come up with the proper & acceptable sort order &

implement the same in glibc locale (& CLDR data).

  • Discuss & plan further on the areas identified in Indic BoF at FOSS.IN IndicBoF_FOSS.IN

Detailed Tasks

Put here the tasks in detail that would be/have been completed at mashup.


  • G Karunakar : Keymaps, Inputmethod, Sorting
  • Runa B : Keymaps
  • Rahul Bhalerao: Rendering, Input, Unicode, Fonts, Sorting
  • Sayamindu Dasgupta: Rendering, Unicode, Fonts
  • Ankit Patel: Rendering, Input, Fonts
  • Ravi Pande: Fonts
  • Shankar Prasad: Participant
  • Sandeep Shedmake: Unicode, Fonts, Collation
  • Pravin Satpute: Fonts, Unicode, Collation, Rendering, IME
  • Ani Peter
  • Krishna Babu: Participant
  • Name, activity