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Rangoli - Indic live CD

Last 2 years have seen lot of activity on Indic localization scene, with launguages like Gujarati, Punjabi growing progressing at rocket speed. Also came in Indic support in KDE, with Bengali, Hindi and Tamil well supported. Nowadays an easy way to showcase any floss stuff is a Live CD, which can be booted off cdrom, and used without the need of installing. Showcasing Indic through live CD is easiest way to have users try it out. Live CDs have been made for Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi and more recently Gujarati and Punjabi.

While a live CD for each language is good, but it could be best if a single CD can act as base for all languages. Milan Demo CD containing GNOME, was one such CD with Hindi as primary interface, but with options for Malayalam and Bengali also. In March once KDE Hindi translations had progressed, another live CD was planned with a KDE interface, but issue was maintainence of two Live CD bases. So came the idea of having a single CD with the two major desktops GNOME and KDE, with applications like Mozilla, OpenOffice and light weight Window manager XFCE 4. Since Holi (festival of colors) was around Rangoli (many colors) was born.

Goals of Rangoli

  • Set up a base CD with all major components included for language support, adding support for new language should be incrimental and made as easy as copying few files to the CD.
  • Boot time selection of Language (the the desktop best supported)
  • Get Rangoli widely distributed through mangazines, LUGs, CD resellers.

Rangoli will basically be Indic Live CD with all languages support included & possibly with all three desktops - GNOME, KDE, Xfce

RangoliDevLog - Rangoli development log

In progress

  • CD image based on Morphix Lightgui 0.5, main mod updated from sid to install kde, gnome & OOo.
  • fonts added (ttf-indic-fonts), locales built.
  • KDE 3.4.3 added
  • kde-i18n packages for Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi added
  • Gnome 2.10 added
  • OpenOffice 2.0 added


  • GUIs enabled
  • KDE - Hindi, Tamil
  • GNOME - Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Nepali, Dzongkha
  • Languages not supported in GUI - Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu. They can still be used for typing with the keymaps set.



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